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We're here to help you choose the best account for your business. Start your online application today.

Our business accounts

We have a range of accounts for different financial needs, whether you run a sole proprietorship or a large corporation. Find the one that best suits your needs.

Chequing accounts

To save on monthly fees, open a Business Chequing Account with a transaction plan. If you want a chequing account that earns some interest, go with the Build-Up Savings Account, available in Canadian or US dollars.

Learn more about our business chequing accounts.

Savings accounts

Grow your business's extra cash for no monthly fee with the Enhanced Investment Business Account, or enjoy a very competitive interest rate with the Desjardins Business Treasury Account.

Learn more about our business savings accounts.

Benefits of a business account

Opening an account for your business lets you keep your personal and professional finances separate. It will help you manage your business's cash flow, build a credit history and prepare for tax season. You can also authorize another signatory on your account, if necessary.

How to open a business account

1. Fill out the online appli­cation 

To open a business account, you'll need to provide certain information about you and your business. Make sure to have on hand your business number (NEQ or BN) and Quebec sales tax (QST) registration number, if applicable.

2. Choose an account

In some cases, you'll be able to open an account by yourself online (for example, if you already have an account with us). If not, we'll call you to finish your application and open the account. If you have any questions or can't find the account you want, contact us.

3. Enjoy the advantages of your new account

Welcome to Desjardins! Register for our online services tool AccèsD Affaires and download our mobile app to manage your account and transactions.

Transfer your accounts to us

Make life easier by moving all your accounts at other institutions to one place at Desjardins. Contact your Desjardins Business centre to make an appointment with an account manager.

Features of our accounts

Transaction plans

The transaction plans for the Business Chequing Account include a certain number of transactions per month for a flat monthly fee.

You can switch your plan at any time if your needs change.


For the Business Chequing Account, per-transaction fees apply if you go over your monthly transaction limit or make transactions not included in your plan.

Monthly service fees apply for accounts without a transaction plan.

Tools for managing your business's everyday finances 

Our digital services

Use AccèsD Affaires to manage your account and transactions online. 

Download the Desjardins mobile services app


What is the difference between a personal account and a business account?

A personal account is taken out in your name. It allows you to manage your personal day-to-day finances or save for the future.

A business account is taken out in your business's name. It has virtually the same features as a personal account, but also keeps your business transactions and cash flows in one place and simplifies your accounting.

Are business accounts free?

It's free to open an account, but fees may apply depending on the plan you choose and the transactions you make. We'll work with you to find the best option for your business.

What are the advantages of becoming a Desjardins Business member?

You automatically become a member when you open a business account with us. As a member, you get advice and guidance from our team. You can also take advantage of our support programs, partnerships and cooperative network in Quebec and Ontario.

Members also get access to exclusive perks, including discounts, cash back rewards, bonus rates and exclusive product and service offers.

Can I manage my business's finances online?

Yes. You can use our online tool AccèsD Affaires to pay your bills, service providers and employees and make international transfers, Interac e-Transfers® and many other everyday transactions. Log in to AccèsD Affaires from your web browser or the Desjardins mobile services app.

Open your business account 

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