Withdrawal Limits, Funds on Hold and Authorized Transits

Withdrawal limits

Daily limits on direct payments may be different from those for ATM withdrawals. Your caisse can change them based on your profile, needs and habits.

You can also temporarily change your daily limits for debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals on your own, depending on your profile type. Just log in to AccèsD, select the account you'd like to change, and then go to the Information tab.

If you don't have the option to manage your daily limits, or if you'd like to change your limits permanently, please speak to an advisor.

Contact an advisor:

Montreal area:
514-CAISSES (514-224-7737)

Elsewhere in Quebec, Canada and the US:
1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737)

Direct payment and ATM withdrawals

Transaction type (using your Desjardins Access Card) Limit per transaction Default daily limit Personalized daily limit
Direct payments using the chip


$1,000 Up to your available account balance
Contactless payment


There's a limit on how many contactless transactions you can make in a row. After that, you'll have to insert your chip card and enter your PIN to proceed.

ATM withdrawals

Desjardins: $1,000*

AccuLink: $300*

International: $500*

$1,000* Up to $2,500 per day*

*If the ATM or merchant payment terminal has its own limit that's lower than the limit on your account, the lower limit will be applied.

ATM withdrawals

The ATM withdrawal limit for accounts is usually $1,000 a day. Your caisse can decrease this amount or increase it up to a maximum of $2,500.

However, the ATM you use might have a different withdrawal limit. If so, this limit will apply.


Transaction Daily limit
Interac e-Transfers®

Sending: $5,000 per transfer, per 24-hour period

Receiving: $25,000 per transfer

Desjardins money transfers (on AccèsD or at ATMs)

From an account: $5,000 per day

Members under age 18: up to $5,000 per day

From a Desjardins credit card: $1,000 per 24-hour period

Funds on hold

Funds on hold are deposits that you've made to your account but which haven't cleared yet. The clearing process may take 5 to 15 days and applies to:

  • Deposits made at ATM and in person
  • Mobile deposits
  • Transfers from another financial institution (excluding Interac e-Transfers)

See our hold funds policy (PDF, 2 MB)

Authorized transits

An authorized transit is the maximum amount you can withdraw right after you deposit a cheque or receive a transfer. The caisse sets it when you open your account and can change it at any time.

You can also ask your caisse to change your transit or remove a hold on funds.

Cheque clearing times

Types Business days
Canadian items drawn from a financial institution in the same province as your caisse 5 days
Canadian items drawn from a financial institution in a different province than your caisse

10 days

Item in US dollars drawn from a US bank 15 days
Item in US dollars drawn from a Canadian bank outside of Quebec 10 days
Item in US dollars drawn from a Canadian bank in Quebec 7 days
Transfers from another financial institution (excluding Interac e-Transfers) 7 days

Cashing a cheque in US dollars

Cheques in US dollars must be deposited in person at a caisse. Make sure the cheque is in your name and that you’ve endorsed it by signing the back.

Cheques in US dollars are subject to longer hold periods. Depending on where a cheque was drawn, the clearing process may take 7 to 15 days. If a cheque is rejected by the issuing bank, you may need to pay service fees.

See how to cash a cheque in foreign currencies

Rejected transfers and cheques

The release of funds doesn't guarantee that a transfer or cheque is valid. They may be rejected 1 day to 6 years later for various reasons like insufficient funds, post-dated transfers or fraudulent cheques.

When a transfer or cheque is rejected, the amount must be repaid immediately and will be withdrawn from your account.

Need more information?
Call us.

Montreal area:
514-CAISSES (514-224-7737)

Elsewhere in Quebec, Canada and the US:
1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737)

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  1. This limit may be changed by your caisse. It may vary between $0 and the balance available in your account
  2. Conditional upon a review of your file or the item in question.
  3. Hold times are applied according to transaction processing days.
  4. The timeframe for returned items is decided by Payments Canada and varies, based on the reason a payment is refused by the issuing financial institution.