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Desjardins has partnered with Fundica to help you find the most relevant government funding in Canada using cutting-edge matching technology.

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The search for government funding just got easier

Your time is valuable. In partnership with Desjardins, Fundica offers a powerful search platform that matches for-profit businesses with public funders and support organizations.

The tool’s intelligent filters and advanced personalization features enable you to quickly find the grants, tax credits, government loans, loan guarantees, incubators and accelerators that meet your business needs.

6 types of funding and support available

The Fundica search tool developed in partnership with Desjardins pinpoints the best sources of government funding and support to assist, develop or expand your operations.


Grants are non-repayable financial contributions that support specific initiatives. They are usually provided by governments to encourage certain investments and are generally paid out before or during the investment period.

Tax credits

Tax credits are expenditure refunds or potential tax reductions or credits to encourage certain investments. They are usually received after the investment is made.

Government loans

Government loans are repayable financial contributions that generally have more favourable terms and conditions. These loans are usually paid out before the investment period.

Loan guarantees

When the government acts as guarantor of a loan, it agrees to reimburse, in part or in full, the amounts granted to the company in case of default by the borrower. Loan guarantees are provided before a loan is granted.

Incubators and accelerators

Incubators and accelerators are organizations that offer a range of support and funding services for certain businesses.


Free of charge

This funding identification platform is completely free of charge for all for-profit businesses of all sizes.

Quick and easy to use

In less than 30 seconds, you'll get a complete and up-to-date list of the most relevant funding programs for your business.

Customized results

The intelligent funding platform suggests the funding programs best adapted to your needs on an ongoing basis, and the filtering system enables you to sort the results using up to 36 search criteria.

Favourites stored

Once you've created your account, you can save the financing programs that interest you and refer to them later.

Current data

Fundica updates its data in real time using a scalable indexing and algorithm system kept up to date by investors, online robots and a team of specialists.

How to use the search tool


Create a free account


Provide basic details on your business


Adjust search criteria based on your government assistance needs


View your funding results, organized by type (grants, tax credits and loan guarantees)


Save the programs that interest you

Ready to get started on your search for funding?

Access the Fundica platform to connect with the sources of government funding that are right for your business.

Find funding - External link. This link will open in a new window.