Accord D Business financing at your caisse

Made-to-measure financing for your business

Get advantages with Accord D Business financing:

  • Competitive interest rates, varying based on term and amount
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Available any time


  • Accord D Business financing credit limit of up to $100,000
  • Competitive interest rates that vary based on term and amount
  • Repaid in equal monthly payments with terms of 1 to 7 years
  • Simple and free renewal1
  • Can be repaid in part or in full at any time without penalty
  • Single monthly statement for Business card and your Accord D Business financing
  • Single monthly payment for purchases on your Business card and Accord D Business financing


  • Financing available any time2
    1. Immediate access to financing deposited into your caisse account
    2. Apply for Accord D Business Financing - Caisse any time online on AccèsD Affaires
  • Competitive financing method with highly competitive interest rates that vary based on the amounts borrowed and the terms
  • Made-to-measure financing for your business's immediate needs
  • No financing restrictions since Accord D Business financing is a cumulative credit limit up to the allowable maximum
  • Easy to use since monthly statements and the AccèsD Affaires online cash management service allow you to easily and effectively track your various financing plans

Fee schedule and interest rates

  • No annual fees
  • Interest rates: highly competitive rates that vary based on the amounts borrowed and the terms
  1. Desjardins Card Services reserves the right to annually review files based on the company's financial statements.
  2. Subject to credit approval by Desjardins Card Services.