Hybrid mortgages

Build the solution that suits you

Customize your mortgage’s repayment terms by dividing the amount in 2 or several loan tranches.

Why a hybrid mortgage?

To customize your loan to fit your needs.

  • Share the repayment with your co-borrower.
  • Get the benefits of both fixed and variable rates.
  • Reduce or benefit from the effects of the market’s possible rate fluctuations.
  • Take into account your co-borrower’s financial flexibility.
  • Diversify your loan’s conditions: terms, amortization, payment frequency, etc.
  • Spread out your payments so they are not all due at the same time.

What is the interest rate on a hybrid mortgage?

Each tranche of your mortgage has its own rate, term and payment frequency—all based on your preferences and needs.

Example of a $200,000 mortgage

Type of loan Non-hybrid loan
Fixed rate, 5 years
Hybrid loan
Variable rate, 5 years
Hybrid loan
Fixed rate, 3 years
Rate 3.69% 2.80% 3.40%
Amount percentage 100% 60% 40%
Loan amount $200,000 $120,000 $80,000

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